• £23 per track - for 1 to 3 tracks

  • £20 per track - for 4 to 8 tracks

  • £18 per track - for 9+ tracks

  • £20 - CD master (DDP formatting, Red Book, CD-A)

  • £45 - audio processing for DJ mixes or CD compilations

  • £60 per track - stereo mixdown (final mix from parts)

  • £35 per track - stem mastering (up to 6 stems)

  • £55 per album - vinyl restoration/remastering (transfer, noise reduction and editing)

What I require

Most clients send me a final mix stereo WAV or Aiff  file for each song, 16 or 24 bit/ 44.1KHz or 48KHz sample rate is fine. I will also happily accept higher sample rates up to 192KHz, and 32 bit files. It is best to export the final mixdown at the same bit depth and sample rate as the project was recorded and produced at, so there is no unnecessary conversion prior to mastering. Upsampling from 44.1KHz to a higher sample rate will not improve sound quality. Please do not send data compressed audio formats such as mp3, AAC, M4A etc. I will only master from these if there is no other option available.

Please leave some headroom on your final mix, around -3 to -6 dBfs is a good place for your master levels. As long as the mix is not hitting the red and causing distortion (clipping) then it should be fine. Please bypass any heavy dynamic compression or brick wall limiting on the master channel (master inserts). A mix with a healthy amount of headroom and dynamic range will translate to a better sounding master.

What you get

Digital release: You will receive a link to a folder containing 16 bit/ 44.1KHz master WAV files for each song. Additionally I can include an optimized for streaming (Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify etc) WAV or mp3 at no extra charge.

CD album master: You will receive a link to a folder containing a DDPi fileset which can be given to a CD manufacturer for duplication. A physical disk pack can be posted if preferred, which will include the CD master (Red Book, CD-A), a reference CD listening copy, and a data disk containing the WAV master files.

Vinyl release: I will usually submit two masters for each song. A high res 24 bit 'suitable for vinyl' WAV file, and a 16 bit digital master which can be used for digital distribution. This way both digital and vinyl masters can be optimized for each delivery format. There is no extra charge.  The per-song rates still apply, but I will need to know from the start if the release is destined for vinyl. There are a few technical constraints to consider with vinyl cutting, and I will check and correct for any excessive high frequency content or sibilance, or any off-centre (out of phase) bass content that may be an issue at the vinyl cutting stage.

Cassette release: The procedure is similar to vinyl. I will submit a high res 24 bit master WAV file for the cassette duplication, and a separate 16 bit digital master. Again there are some limitations and technical constraints to consider with cassette reproduction. Often I will record a test cassette master here using my calibrated Sony deck.

My commitment

It is important that you are happy with the service I provide at Coefficient Audio. I never ask for money up front and I am confident that you will be delighted with the final masters you receive back. Indeed the majority of my clients are happy with the first masters i submit, however if you are not completely happy, I can make any changes necessary. Having worked as an audio professional in all aspects of recording, mixing, music production, post-production and mastering I am happy to give honest advice, or discuss anything related to the mastering process.

When you are completely happy with the masters, payment can be made using bank transfer or PayPal

All mastering sessions are fully backed up and archived for future reference.

Pricing is correct as from Jan 2017