Coefficient Audio Mastering - a professional mixing and mastering service by Pat Coefficient

I provide carefully balanced, sonically sweetened and optimized audio mixes and masters for all commercial music formats, including.. Vinyl, CD, Cassette; and all digital download and streaming services.

I specialize in electronic music: house, techno, ambient, drone and electronica in all its forms.

My history

After graduating from Gateway School of Recording with a First Class degree in Audio Technology, I joined Diablo Music Ltd as their in-house sound engineer. During this time I worked alongside many international artists, producers, song writers, and bands; recording and mixing in Diablo's 64-channel studio. I also worked closely with the video editing and post-production team, processing audio and sound effects for commercial music videos.

In 2006, after leaving Diablo to become a freelance sound engineer (recording, mixing and live sound), I started my own personal music projects and became a techno and electronic music producer and DJ (Coefficient, Telesthesia, Kenaz) Over the years I have released music for many respected labels such as M_REC LTD, and KR/LFCoefficient Discogs. I have also performed as a DJ in some of the biggest clubs in Europe, such as Berghain, Berlin.

I have been a mastering engineer now for 10 years, and throughout my audio career I have continued to build a professional music production and mastering studio to my own specifications. In my acoustically tuned and calibrated studio I use only the best high-end analog and digital equipment from Avalon, Apogee, Dynaudio, RME and Quested.

"I have a personal obsession with digital audio and sonic perfection which allows me to achieve the best results from your music..."